Why Eat Local Pizza?

Have you seen Dane's adorable face? If that's not reason enough, you should understand the impact eating locally has. Lets say you want to a pizza tonight and there are two restaurants options: one local, one  corporate. In this example, Stone Oven and "Corporate Competitor." AKA "It Who Shall Not Be Named."

Stone Oven

  • Sources the vast majority of their ingredients locally.

  • We pay no revenue sharing or franchise fees.

  • Owners are local and spend their money locally.

  • We treat our employees better.

  • We will give you occasional High-Fives.

Corporate Competitior:

  • Buys all ingredients through national distributors.

  • Pays 6.5% of all profits back to the national franchise in addition to as much as $3 million to corporate to open the franchise in addition to other fees related to running the business. (source)

  • Corporate owners are not based in the state, franchise owners are not necessarily based here.

  • On average pay much lower than local competitors.

In short if you spent $100 at each location roughly $95 would go back into the local economy from Stone Oven. From "It Who Shall Not Be Named" it might break $50 for a long-standing location with a local franchise owner.

That money going back into community helps pay farmers who then buy other things local with their money. It pays employees a higher wage giving more disposable income to spend in local businesses. It pays owners who are more likely to invest that money into additional local businesses. Us? We used it to buy our food truck So we could set up shop at the Yard downtown so people didn't have to go all the way across town for Stone Oven.

Plus, we think we make a pretty darn good pizza.

Much Love,

Stone Oven

Stone-baked WHAT?

I've eaten my fair share of pizzas in my life, as any good American would.  I've had pizzas from Pizza Hut, Domino's, Little Caesar's, Pizzeria Uno, Blondie's Pizza (Berkeley, CA), local eateries and the good 'ole pizza carts on the corners of Manhattan.  

But what stands out in my mind are the New York-style pizzas: thin crusted, fresh and cooked on a stone (or bricks). To me, pizza perfection is a slice that's bursting with flavor on top of a delicately cooked crust, just crispy enough that you don't want to 'just eat the pizza from the inside out' if you know what I mean.  We've all seen it, the plates of discarded pizza ends, heaping rolls of dough.  After all, how can we eat the other slices if we fill up on the ends or be true to our low-carb diets?  Good question, but that's a topic for another blog.

Back to the real deal... the secret to the holy grail of pizza?  Well as it turns out, it's simple physics. Just the same way convection ovens produces better results, the stones used in the baking process allows for more even heat conduction, resulting in a crispier, tastier pizza crust. Connoisseurs out there will debate about the type of stone used, but frankly, as long as it passes the physics, I probably wouldn't be able to taste the difference. 

One more thing, there is somewhat of an art to eating these pizzas.  You've gotta eat them fresh & hot. If not, the wonderful sauce ends up soaking the crust, making it lose its crispiness. A well-cooked pie will have a softer center which is normal, so you can enjoy the great flavors and different textures on the same pizza.  

Now that's amore!

Pizza Trivia

America is home to the BIGGEST pizza in the world in Havana, Florida, where 90,000 slices were eaten by 30,000 people!

93% of Americans eat at least 1 pizza per month

Nationwide, we eat 100 acres of pizza EACH DAY, that's about 350 slices per second

October is National Pizza Month and was established in 1987

The most popular topping in America is PEPPERONI and the least favorite is anchovies

Other Popular toppings around the world are:

Eel and squid in Japan, Shrimp & pineapple in Australia, Green peas in Brazil, Coconut in the Costa Rica, Red Herring in Russia, and Bacon, onions and fresh cream in France.

3 of the Top 10 weeks of pizza consumption occur in January, and more pizzas are consumed during Super Bowl week than any other week in the year

Half of all pizzas are ordered on Fridays and Saturdays, with Saturday night being the biggest night of the week for pizza

62% of Americans prefer meat toppings, while 38% prefer vegetarian toppings